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Hey there, thanks for stopping by my blog! Let me introduce myself…
My name is Marit. I am a college senior (soon to be super-senior since I switched my major to a bachelor of arts in music) trying to live a generally healthy life in the craziness of college. Here’s my story:

I grew up eating well. Really well. My mom has always had this cooking gift, and she loved trying out all sorts of exotic and delicious meals to the delight and sometimes dismay of my family. I never had a problem with my weight until my last years of high school when I quit swimming and sports in general, and started eating more chicken fingers and otis spunkmeyer cookies at lunchtime. Those cookies are crack in a bag. By the time graduation rolled around, I was 25 pounds overweight.

Enter: College.

When I started college, I found the cafeteria food disgusting, and could only eat cheeseburgers and pizza for so long. I had to walk everywhere, and started buying  healthier food for my dorm room. I also discovered the gym, and my love for running, which is something I never thought possible. Over the first two years of college, I lost  a total of 30 pounds through healthy eating and exercise, and have maintained a healthy weight for the past year and a half. I feel great now!

I started this blog because I love to share the food that I create, the exercise that keeps my steps light, and the life I love living. Welcome!

You can contact me with questions, comments, or suggestions at

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