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October 30, 2011

This is how I feel today. Like a slug. Why oh why can my butt not become unglued from the couch?

I am starting to worry about what I will be like when I have a real job. You know, the same old routine day in and day out for years upon years…yikes, now I get how people become overweight and don’t see it coming. That monotony,  the same thing, waiting for the weekend, only for it to come and leave me sitting here like a loaf of white bread. Just blahhh.

Maybe I just need coffee? I can’t even bring myself to post pictures because I feel that lazy. Yup, I am a squishy loaf of Wonder bread. Do they call it “wonder” bread because it makes you wonder whats really in it? Food for thought…

On another note, I ran a 5k yesterday with one of my best friends and two other fabulous ladies. It was my bestie’s first road race, and she did great! I finished with a time of 30:45, which I was pretty happy with since A. I know I am not fast. and B. I haven’t been regularly running because these past couple weeks have been crazy school-wise. The entire 3.1 miles felt light, easy, and energetic. I talked with my new friend Michelle for the whole last half, and it was nice to keep my mind off of what I was doing.

It really made me miss my running buddy.

Last spring, I met this crazy girl at the gym. She ended up becoming a really close friend, and the best running buddy ever. I was used to doing my workouts solo, but it was so nice to have someone there, encouraging me, and keeping my mind off of the repetitiveness. Because of her, I started to like running for more than just the fact that it made me look good. She got me to do my first 10K race, which made me realize how much I want to do a half-marathon. It is crazy what a good running bud can do for you.

Do you have a running buddy/workout  buddy? What have they helped you accomplish?


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