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October 16, 2011

My weekend started out with some of this: Whole-wheat pizza dough from Trader Joe’s because I was feeling too lazy to make it myself, topped with marinara, chicken, onion, mushrooms, bell pepper, and mozzarella. Yummm.

I added in a little of this for the win: Kennebrunkport Brewing Company’s Pumpkin Ale. I liked this beer. I also found this at Trader Joe’s, and thought it had more of a pumpkin spice taste than the blue moon pumpkin beer I have tried in the past. I think I am a little obsessed with everything pumpkin right now though, and I know I’m not the only one…

Saturday was Mike and I’s anniversary. By that I mean our monthly anniversary, because we are nerds and like to celebrate our relationship every month. So lame but so awesome. We had a lovely time together, making risotto with chicken, bacon, onions, mushrooms, and parmesan, and a side of greek-style salad. I can’t forget the Old Amsterdam gouda, either, that stuff is ohsogood, and some merlot to set it all off. So I am not the best photographer, but it was really tasty. More tasty than the picture…

This morning I went to breakfast with my friend Tayler, and had a great time catching up and snarfing cheesy eggs and breakfast potatoes. I love breakfast.

Time to finish up the night with some of my favorite shows:

 (source)    (source)

I don’t know why I like such macabre shows. I promise there is nothing wrong with me. Mostly.

Mike and I are going to watch them with our friends Garrett and Emily, who also like screwed up creepy shows. See, we’re not the only ones.

What did you do this weekend? Do you like any shows that are somewhat controversial?








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