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August 16, 2011

So here’s the deal. I realllly love food. Always have, always will (even if sometimes it doesn’t necessarily love me back). When I was growing up, I had a really bad sweet tooth that resulted in a somewhat chubby appearance. Eventually I grew, and my body evened out until my junior year of high school. Quitting the school swim team and going through the new-love-eat-as-much-as-my-boyfriend phase ended in an extra thirty pounds. Enter: college. The land of bad cafeteria food that I didn’t want to eat and walking everywhere helped me lose a few pounds my freshman year, and access to a gym that I didn’t have to pay extra for had me more interested in fitness. Through exercise and a cleaner diet, I eventually lost those thirty pounds and have since found a love for running, eating healthy, and creating new meals/recipes.

Tonight had me excited because I made not one, but two delicious new things: nutella chocolate chip cookies (based off of Mama Pea’s peanut butter chocolate chip dough ball recipe), and chicken and vegetable stir fry with coconut lime rice and peanut sauce. Mmmmmm delicious, recipes to come!

The thing is, I like to eat healthy, but everyone has a different concept of healthy. For some it means eating lots of meat and dairy or cutting them out all together. For others it’s not eating sweets. For some it means cutting out gluten because it helps with allergies/other conditions. To me, eating healthy means eating everything within reason. I believe you can eat whatever you want if you watch your portions (though I’m not one to sit in a McDonald’s drive-through, blech). I know what works for me will not work for everyone else, but I continue to work at making healthy choices everyday. Even if those healthy choices mean enjoying a few of those nutella cookies I mentioned above…or five.

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